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How It Works

Choose a team, pick your decals, and place an order

Cornhole Board Decals

Our partner,, is a leading retailer of cornhole board decals. At the time of this writing, they sell wraps, circles, and stripe decals. Over the years, they noticed that some of their customers were having trouble comparing their sports team's colors to the decal colors on their site. Although they have excellent photos of the decals on their site, they don't have photos of the team's colors.

To solve this problem and help their customers, they wanted to create a tool that would allow side-by-side team and decal comparison. With that, we were born. Our site offers that tool and we call it our Team Board Designer. It's located here and also accessible from the main page of this website.

Our Team Board Designer provides a fun way for you to find your team's colors, view matching decal colors from Backyard Gamez, and then purchase those decals. Of course, our tool is 100% free to use and requires no purchase.

In addition to comparing team and decal colors, our tool is great for builders, both amateur and professional, to create mockups that can be used for previewing by their potential customers. The tool is also great for anyone that likes to design things. You can easily spend hours just cycling through the different team designs.

Start playing with the tool today and discover your artistic side!

Save Money

Cornhole board decals save time and money. Forget about spending time trying to tape and paint the perfect circle or stripe. With decals, you can have perfect circles and stripes installed within minutes.

Safe. Secure. Ordering

We help you choose your colors, but don't sell the decals. We let the retail pros at handle that. They have a safe & secure checkout utilizing PayPal, the World's most popular and experienced online payment processor.

Made in The USA

All decals sold by our partner are proudly made in the USA. Each decal has a 5+ year outdoor rating and lasts even longer when protected with a polyacrylic coating.

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