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How does this thing work?

Our Team Board Designer is über user-friendly and easy to learn, but we'll give the lowdown to make sure you get everything you can out of it!

The History

If you haven't figured it out, we're proudly affiliated with For those of you that don't know, they're a retailer of games, most notably Cornhole products. One of their most popular product lines is cornhole board decals. From speaking with their customers, they realized that a good portion of those buying decals couldn't easily compare the site's decal colors to their sports team's colors. For example, a common question would go "does your gold match my team's gold?" and so on.

Thus we made this website and the Team Board Designer. It's an awesome tool for comparing team and decal colors before ordering. If you're a player or builder that prefers painting, you still have an amazing configuration tool at your disposal. You can easily mock different color schemes for building or reviewing with your customers.

The How

To begin using the Team Board Designer, choose the sport that includes your team. For example, choose football if you want to see football team boards. The Team box will load all teams in the selected sport. To generate boards with team colors, select a team.

This is a great time to point out the fields in our designer come with some cool features. The sports and Team combos have auto fill logic. What this means is when you're looking through all teams in a certain league, you don't have to scroll. Let's say you're looking for your college under the College sport. Instead of scrolling, you can type the beginning of the team and filter all schools to those including the search characters in their name.

Another cool feature is our color pickers. Each color field in the Team Board Designer is controlled by a color picker. This allows you to literally choose from millions of colors when designing your boards, all without memorizing a single color!

Once you select a team, the Team Color and Our Color fields will populate with hexadecimal color codes. These codes represent the colors of your selected team as well as the closest matching decal colors.

The two cornhole boards on the screen will change to reflect the colors of the selected team. The cornhole board on the left will have your team's colors and logo, while the board on the right will have the decal colors with the logo. At this point, you can use the on-screen color scheme and head to Backyard Gamez for ordering or start tweaking the colors to get the ultimate board design.

Save Money

Cornhole board decals save time and money. Forget about spending time trying to tape and paint the perfect circle or stripe. With decals, you can have perfect circles and stripes installed within minutes.

Safe. Secure. Ordering

We help you choose your colors, but don't sell the decals. We let the retail pros at handle that. They have a safe & secure checkout utilizing PayPal, the World's most popular and experienced online payment processor.

Made in The USA

All decals sold by our partner are proudly made in the USA. Each decal has a 5+ year outdoor rating and lasts even longer when protected with a polyacrylic coating.

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